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Vacancies – chemical and mechanical engineers

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Biogas production reached nearly 5.3 million tons oil equivalent (Mtoe) in 2006 in the EU...

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Agriculture and bioenergy are key sectors for climate change mitigation. IPCC 2007


Hydrolysers for thermo-chemical pre-treatment of waste products for bioenergy production

The hydrolysers for pre-treating animal by-products and lignocellulosic materials are based on Lildal A/S sterilizers.

The standard sterilizers are used for animal by-products, while modified sterilizers are used for lignocellulosic material.

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Please also note that the Rutek A/S is a company under the Lildal group.

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Hydrolysis is a key to bioenergy production.

Modified Lildal sterilizers are used for thermo-chemical hydrolysis.