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• 17.05.2013 »
Vacancies – chemical and mechanical engineers

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Biogas production reached nearly 5.3 million tons oil equivalent (Mtoe) in 2006 in the EU...

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Agriculture and bioenergy are key sectors for climate change mitigation. IPCC 2007



• 17.05.2013 »
Vacancies – chemical and mechanical engineers

We are seeking chemical and mechanical engineers for project development and construction of membrane units and bioenergy plants.

The jobs include development and construction of separation units based on our silicon carbide micro- and UF membranes including full process trains from reception of raw water to production of fertilizers and pure water. The jobs further include development and construction of bioenergy plants with integrated membrane units for distillation of ethanol and separation of fermentation liquids. The units and plants are constructed in co-operation with a number of sub-suppliers, clients and customers. A friendly and co-operative attitude is therefore important.

Because BioFuel Technology A/S is a newly established company you will be part of a visionary and dedicated team and face a variety of tasks. In addition to your core competences we expect you to contribute to solving a variety of challenges facing a new innovative company. We also expect an entrepreneurial and independent execution of the work.

Your background:
You are a qualified engineer with experience in the field of membrane technology or bioenergy production. You have previously worked with development and construction, and routinely use the 3D CAD and similar relevant tools. You are familiar with documentation of mechanical installations and process plants. You are able to project and optimize the separation units and to customize the solutions for the various applications. You have an interest in start up and service of installed units at the clients.

The chemical engineers have an interest in microbial process plants in addition to the variety of chemical unit operations, which constitute a bioenergy plant. You are able to design membrane distillation processes, conventional distillation units and to project the complete solution.
You must be fluent in verbal and written English. Knowledge of Danish is an advantage. You will use the languages in the daily communication with customers and suppliers.

You are an open minded and straight-forward person. You like to contribute to a good working environment. You see opportunities and are analytical, structured and expedient.

What can we offer?
We can offer you a working environment with plenty of opportunities for the dedicated candidate. The advantage of joining a new company is amble opportunity to influence your own working situation and to put forward your ideas for projects and solutions.

Working place:
Your working place is situated at the offices of BioFuel Technology ApS in the Copenhagen or in the Aarhus area. In addition you must be able to work on-site the bioenergy plants, which we presently service or develop.

Additional information:
You are welcome to contact the technical director Torben A. Bonde (mobile +45 21495940) or the administrative director Ole Kjærgård (mobile +45 27222909) for further information.

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