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In 2013 Biofuel Technology A/S signed a substantial contract of “Building 2nd generation bioethanol plant cooperation project between Danish BioFuel Technology A/S and China Heilong Jiang Fuel Co. Ltd.

The project will source, develop, engineer, build, start up and commission the worlds absolutely largest cellulosic ethanol facility worldwide. It will be designed to convert app. 1,3 million tons corn stover annually to 300,000 tons ethanol, 300,000 tons CO2, 300,000 tons biogas, 50,000 tons yeast proteins and 50,000 tons vinasse fertilizer.

The project is situated in Hulan County in the province of Heilongjian in the vicinity of Harbin.



Vacancies - chemical and mechanical engineers

We are seeking chemical and mechanical engineers for project development and construction of membrane units and bioenergy plants. Read more

EU energy ministers have agreed to increase the share of biofuels used in transport to 10% by 2020.

According to the first estimates for 2006, biofuel consumption reached 5,38 Mtoe in 2006 in the European Union, corresponding to a 1.8% share of total consumption of fuels devoted to transport (vs. 1% in 2005). EurObserver 2007

Biogas production reached nearly 5.3 million tons oil equivalent (Mtoe) in 2006 in the European Union, representing a 13.6% increase with respect to 2005. EurObserver 2007

Agriculture and bioenergy are key sectors for climate change mitigation. IPCC 2007

A new innovative company BioFuel Technology  has been founded in 2007.