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2013, has proven BFT vision for new product, CTO Torben A. Bonde has renewed our portfolio of vital patents in the field of Pre-treatment of biomass for both ethanol and biogas production.

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About BioFuel Technology ApS

The company BioFuel Technology ApS was founded by Torben A. Bonde (CEO). Financial advisor is Carl Johan af Rosenborg, Investor Net.

Torben A. Bonde

Mr. Torben A. Bonde is trained in biological and chemical sciences and holds a Ph.D. in microbial ecology. His scientific career includes positions as associate professor and senior scientist. He has also hold positions in the Danish environmental ministry, where R & D of environmental technologies within agriculture were part of his work. In 2001, he and a colleague founded the company Green Farm Energy A/S and was rewarded the esteemed national entrepreneurship award, the Janteknuserprisen for his effort. Since 2004, he has developed further bioenergy concepts and projects and is now one of the founders of BioFuel Technology A/S.

China Office.

Mr. Peter Ge 

International market manager for asian market, China

"Biofueltechnology ApS develops, manufactures and globally markets ceramic membranes for industrial processes focusing on micro- and ultra filtration. The ceramic membranes are manufactured from silicon carbide, a superior robust and durable material."


Mr.Torben A. Bonde is the winner of the national entrepreneurship award the "Janteknuserprisen" 2002.