BioFuel Technology ApS 2010


Vacancies chemical and mechanical engineers

Biogas production reached nearly 5.3 million tons oil equivalent (Mtoe) in 2006 in the EU...

Agriculture and bioenergy are key sectors for climate change mitigation. IPCC 2007


Projecting services

The staff of BioFuel Technology ApS provides pre-projecting and projecting services in the field of bioenergy production and related areas.

The pre-projecting includes a systems analysis of the biomass or substrate basis and the local circumstances for any bioenergy project. Based upon such analysis the pre-projecting proposes a specific bioenergy project to the client including price estimates, a project plan and a contractual outline.

The projecting of full scale plants is performed in co-operation with a number of key suppliers on selected components of the plant.  

The BioFuel Technology ApS may also assist in projecting membrane and process plants in related industries such as waste treatment plants, abattoirs, breweries and many others.

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An initial systems analysis is part of any pre-projecting or projecting by BioFuel Technology ApS.

BioFuel Technology ApS may also assist in projecting membrane process plants in related industries.