Biofuel technology

Cellulosic biofuel, bioethanol, biomethane, biomethanol, biogas, and hybrid bio-electro fuels from cellulosic briquettes.

Welcome to Biofuel Technology A/S and CELLEBRIQTM, an acronym for CELLulosic Ethanol from BRIQuettes.
Cellulosic raw materials -forest and agricultural residues – are abundant globally, and will contribute substantially to fueling the present and the future.

The CELLEBRIQTM technology allows for a global mobilization of cellulosic residues, while at the same time unlocking their biofuel potential. The technology is based on pre-processing and briquetting of raw material into high density briquettes by means of proprietary processes and machinery.

With cellulosic matters readily available, any biofuel can now be produced at capacity and in quantity, whether cellulosic ethanol, biogas, methanol or any other biofuel.

The biogenic CO2 from fermentation biogases is concentrated, readily available, and may be converted with green electrolysis hydrogen to any E-fuel – boosting the total fuel output from any biofuel plant by 100% or thereabout.

Our products and services

With CELLEBRIQTM as starting point we provide several services and products to cellulosic biofuel industries including:

  • Front end processes for any biofuel plant using cellulosic matter as input, alongside other raw materials, based on briquetting.
  • Back end processes involving solid-liquid separation based on peer ceramic membranes.
  • Fermentation technologies with peers assisting the biofuel production from cellulosic matter.
  • Design and turn key supply of small, medium and large-scale biofuel plants.
  • Various ancillary equipment assisting in the production of biofuels.
  • Advice and services to any biofuel plant.

The technology of CELLEBRIQTM

The new front end process for cellulosic ethanol production is based on compression and plug flow hydrolysis.

With the initial pre-processing and briquetting, the high-density briquettes are finally pre-treated by means of auto hydrolysis in a dedicated plug flow hydrolyser to briquetted feedstocks. Because the feedstock is previously briquetted, the final hydrolysis is simple to perform by an equally simple hydrolyser.

More importantly, the two-phase pre-treatment consisting of initial briquetting and final autohydrolysis, is a guarantee of simple and un-impaired pre-treatment at low coast and with maximum yields of ethanol.

With CELLEBRIQTM the traditional pre-treatment bottleneck of cellulosic ethanol production is overcome; and in combination with briquetting the entire front-end platform is key to boosting cellulosic biofuel production.

We supply any and all technologies associated with the final pre-treatment of briquetted feedstock including enzyme mixers, dosing equipment, engineering etc.

The phase one of the front-end process, the actual briquetting, is based on C. F. Nielsen A/S long standing mechanic briquetting platform and developed to meet the needs of the biofuel industry in terms of high capacities and low costs of briquetting. The unique briquetting presses for the biofuel industries are marketed by Kinetic Biofuel A/S ( – a joint venture among C. F. Nielsen A/S and Biofuel Technology A/S.

The briquetting presses are found in various capacities, but the BP 7510 is presently being presented and introduced to the biofuel industries. This dedicated mechanical briquetting press, BP7510, has an advanced design and is the worlds’ largest single line briquetting press. The double feeding system guarantees high capacity, regardless of the density of the raw material. The press is equipped with an advanced control system that allows internet access.

The BP 7510 is an extremely strong briquette maker with heavy bronze bearings and a sturdy housing made of high tensile steel and fixed on heavy steel reinforced concrete foundation ensuring a quiet and safe operation with extremely low vibration level.

The press is dedicated for high capacity production of industrial briquettes with a 6-16% moisture and a capacity of up to 4000 kg/h. Briquettes can be round with a diameter of up to 120 mm or square 100×100 mm.

Please find information further information on technologies here.

BioFuel Technology A/S

The company BioFuel Technolgoy A/S is founded by Torben A. Bonde having several decades experience in the biofuel industries as developer and inventor of a range of biofuel technologies and processes.

Among others, Torben was awarded the highly esteemed Danish national entrepreneurship award – the so called Janteknuserprisen – in 2002, for his development and design of industrial scale anaerobic digestion processes and technologies.

The company is based in Aarhus relatively close to the Airport of Aarhus at Bredkær Parkvej 58, 8250 Egaa.

For further information and contacts – please consult this webpage or contact Torben by phone or Email – see contacts here.