About us

The company BioFuel Technology A/S was founded by Torben A. Bonde as a spin-off of his initial scientific career in functional and process microbiology and related environmental technologies.
Torben A. Bonde is trained in biological and chemical sciences and holds a Ph.D. in microbial ecology. His scientific career includes positions as associate professor and senior scientist. He has also hold positions in the Danish Environmental Ministry, where R & D of environmental technologies were part of his work. Since then, he has developed further bioenergy technologies, processes, and projects and is now one founders of BioFuel Technology A/S.
Presently, Torben is involved with major cellulosic ethanol projects in Denmark, China, and Europe, alongside several medium scale anaerobic digestion projects.
Mr. Peter Ge
Peter is co-owner and long-term business partner of Torben in developing cellulosic projects in China. He is additionally international market manager for Asian markets.
Our mission and vision statements are:

To be the most profitable and lowest risk BioFuel producer while being a leader of significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gases emissions (GHG).

In 2020, BFT is a rapidly growing organization facilitating successful solutions to generate energy and other products from cellulosic and organic feedstocks. We are proud that our feedstock in the past would be considered waste and would have had a negative environmental impact.
We have developed a new infrastructure for energy production, benefitting from the production capabilities within decentral communities.
We have a growing range of proprietary technologies and services and massive financing resources that can assist our Joint Venture Operating Partners with the smallest bioprocess add-ons to the largest Biofuel developments in the world.
BFT is regarded as a thought leader and a profit leader that builds value for all of its stakeholders.
We have positively impacted GHG more that any single peer Company.